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Fire Hydrant Annual Maintenance

As part of the City's water maintenance program, Water Department employees annually flush all of the fire hydrants in the City.  Typically, the flushing of fire hydrants commence in (month xxxx) and continues until (month xxxx).  Work is done between 8:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.  Our water system is an integrated water system, which you may notice that your water service is affected even when hydrants are being flushed several blocks away.

During the flushing process, there may be a slight discoloration of the water caused by sediment in the water mains.  We will take every precaution to minimize this condition.  If you do experience discoloration, your water will clear up in a short time.  We suggest that, on days that we flush, you may not want to do laundry during the day.  Possible discoloration in the water can permanently stain light-colored clothing.  Please note that your water is safe for ALL other uses. 

Should you experience rusty colored water, we suggest to run the cold water from the faucet nearest to the water meter (laundry tub, outside faucet) to restore a clear water supply.  Again, run the cold water only.

The City conducts yearly flushing of hydrants for several reasons that include:

  • Safety - to ensure proper pressure at each hydrant
  • To clean out some of the rust and sediment that settle naturally in the water system
  • To document acceptable pressure at all fire hydrants for insurance purposes
  • To do preventative maintenance