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Wayland Fire Department
160 W. Superior Street
Wayland, MI 49348

269-792-6300 (Non-emergency)
911 (Emergency)

Joe Miller, Fire Chief                                                                                

The Wayland Fire Department shares the Public Safety building with the Wayland Police Department.  There are 26 part-time or on-call firefighters on the department.  The department is responsible for answering alarms in the City of Wayland and Wayland Township.  The department also answers alarms for mutual aid in adjoining areas as needed.

Fire Apparatus that is currently in service includes:
  • Two Fire Engines
  • One Rescue Squad
  • Two Water Tenders
  • One Brush/Grass Truck
  • One 95 ft. Aerial Platform Truck (2,000 gallons per minute)
  • 32 ft. Mobile Command Center
  • Jaws of Life
  • Cairns IRIS Thermal Imaging Helmet
  • Two handheld MSA Thermal Imagers (used to locate victims and find hot spots)

The Firefighters on the department are trained at the level of Firefight 1 & 2, HazMat Awareness, HazMat Operations, Cold Water/Ice Rescue and Terrorism Basic Concepts. 

The Fire Department has a very strong fire prevention program and uses the Scotty Fire Safety House to teach children fire safety.  This 28ft. travel trailer is available for other fire departments use in certain areas.  If you would like to see if it is available in your area, feel free to call Chief Milller at 269-792-6300.