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Parks & Recreation

The City of Wayland has three parks, a skate park, public lakes, campgrounds and trout streams located nearby. Two golf courses also are located within a ten minute drive of Wayland. Lake Michigan, with it’s many sandy beaches and campgrounds, is about 25 miles west of the City.

The cities of Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo, both within driving distance, also offer a variety of recreational activities, including arena’s, theaters, symphonies, comedy clubs, museums, lakes, camping areas, zoos, nature centers and fine dining. Both cities are home to minor league baseball and hockey franchises. The City of Grand Rapids also hosts minor league basketball and arena football franchises.

Rabbit River Nature Trail

The Rabbit River Nature Trail opened in 2011 and is located at 450 E. Elm St. The nearly mile-long trail is built on a 35-acre space. The first portion of the trail is paved, with the rest covered in crushed limestone. The park also offers a covered pavilion/picnic area, restroom facilities, a drinking fountain and benches that overlook the Rabbit River.

Wayland City Park

2 Basketball Courts
2 Tennis Courts
2 Picnic Shelters
1 Gazebo
A Walking Path
Playground Equipment
Restroom Facilities
A Drinking Fountain
Splash Pad
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Click here for Splash Pad Rules
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Wayland North Park

Wayland’s North Park is a 1-acre open field space for sports.

Wayland Mini Park

This picturesque park, located on the northeast corner in downtown Wayland, was built in memory of Harold and Dora Weaver. The park has benches, picnic tables and a walking path. The flower-filled Mini Park is a wonderful place to stop while walking through the downtown area.

Wayland Skate Park

Please note the Skate Park specific rules on the “City Park Rules” below.

Wayland Skate Park Rules:
Hours – Dawn to Dusk
Protective gear is highly recommended
Skate at your own risk
Skateboards and Roller blades ONLY are allowed

The use of this equipment may lead to injuries. Do not use the skate park without the following safety equipment:
Wrist guards
Elbow pads
Knee pads
And any other safety device you need to keep from injury.

Skate at your own risk.

Park Rentals

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